Business owners who hold a business-related debt that’s become worthless or uncollectible may be able to claim a “bad debt” deduction. But there are a few hoops to jump through and not all debts are eligible. This article examines those hoops. A sidebar touches on the accounting concept of “charge-offs” when it comes to business bad debts.

Many people want to pass assets to the next generation during their lifetimes, whether to reduce the size of their taxable estates, to help family members or to see their loved ones enjoy the gifts. This article explains how different gifted assets can produce substantially different tax consequences.

Taxpayers with investments outside of tax-advantaged retirement plans might still have time to reduce their 2019 tax bills by selling some investments. One key question is: Which ones? This article offers sound advice on how to start making the right choices about selling.

Many people dream of retiring early so they can pursue activities other than work. But making this dream a reality requires careful planning and diligent saving during the years leading up to retirement. This brief article touches on some of the fundamental ways to live the dream.