Many financially savvy individuals are already thinking about filing their tax returns next year. But they shouldn’t overlook another critical and equally important aspect of financial planning: asset protection. This article discusses some fundamental strategies to consider. A sidebar discusses asset ownership structure.

With the dawn of 2020 on the near horizon, savvy taxpayers need to check off a few boxes to help ensure a more optimal situation heading toward filing season in the spring. This article provides a handy list of tax and financial to-dos to address before 2019 ends.

The days of the calendar year are vanishing quickly, but there still may be some last-minute strategies that business owners can use to lower their 2019 tax bills. This article lists five to consider, including postponing invoices and qualifying for the pass-through deduction.

Many people might consider donating their car to charity at year end to start the new year in a fresh ride and get a tax deduction. This brief article urges caution and explains why this strategy doesn’t always work out as intended.