Anyone who’s divorced or in the process of divorcing needs to understand how the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has changed the tax treatment of alimony. Unfortunately, for many couples, the news isn’t good — the tax cost of divorce has risen. This article delves into the details.

From a tax perspective, appreciated artwork can make one of the best charitable gifts. It’s doubly beneficial because a taxpayer can both enjoy a tax deduction and avoid capital gains taxes one would owe from selling the property. This article explains the applicable requirements and provides tips on maximizing the deduction.

Classifying a worker as an independent contractor means an employer isn’t obligated to pay many payroll-related taxes. But doing so may also draw IRS scrutiny. This article discusses key factors and proactive measures in following the rules when it comes to independent contractors.

When one reads the phrase “disaster prep,” bottled water and boarded-up windows may come to mind. But information is also a critical asset to have following a natural or manmade catastrophe. This article describes four specific types of information that everyone needs to keep on hand.