It’s common for owners of closely held businesses to transfer money into and out of the company. But it’s critical to make such transfers properly or risk unwanted IRS attention. This article explains how and why a transfer should be defined as a loan — not as compensation or a distribution.

Among the most important impacts of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is its increase of the standard deduction. This article explains how the increase has affected the strategy of “bunching” deductible medical expenses into one year to save tax dollars.

This calendar notes important tax deadlines for the fourth quarter of 2019.

Any business owner who’s acquired, constructed or substantially improved a building this year — or even in previous years — should read up on the tax benefits of a cost segregation study. This article explains how undertaking one may lead to accelerated depreciation deductions, which reduce current taxes and boost cash flow.

If you’re a homeowner and have some extra cash after paying the monthly bills, should you use it to pay down your mortgage or invest those dollars in the stock market? This brief article expresses some thoughts on this age-old question.