Virtually everyone has a credit and debit card these days. But many people still live in fear of these plastic necessities because they’re unfamiliar with the fine print of the arrangements involved. This article explores the potential liability of both credit and debit cards, and suggests some sensible risk management steps to take.

The child credit has long been a valuable tax break. But, with the passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) late last year, it’s now even better — at least for a while. This article provides some details that every family should know.

The issue of reasonable owners’ compensation often comes up in federal tax inquiries, shareholder disputes and divorce cases. Determining what’s reasonable, and therefore defensible in court, requires a financial expert. This article describes some of the ways that such experts do their work.

As a matter of convenience, many of today’s employers provide meals to employees. A recent tax law change, however, may curtail this practice because it limits the tax benefits. This brief article looks at the changing deductibility rules brought forth by the recently passed Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

This calendar notes important tax deadlines for the second quarter of 2018.