The TCJA didn’t eliminate the individual AMT. But the law did draw a silver lining around it. Revised rules now lessen the likelihood that many taxpayers will owe substantial taxes under the AMT for 2018 through 2025. This article explains why. A sidebar warns higher-income taxpayers that they are now back in the AMT spotlight.

Spouses who own profitable, unincorporated businesses often find the high self-employment (SE) tax bills burdensome. Fortunately, there may be ways to ease that burden. This article suggests two ways that spouse-owners can lower their tax bills.

With kids back in school, it’s a good time for parents (and grandparents) to think about college funding. One option, which can be especially beneficial if children still have many years until heading off to college, is a Section 529 plan. This article explains why these savings vehicles are always top of mind for those looking for a tax-smart way to fund college costs.

The notion of bartering may conjure an image of a crowded, bustling medieval bazaar. But these types of transactions continue to occur in today’s high-tech modern world. This brief article discusses whether and when bartering is taxable.