Intrafamily loans can provide family members with financial support and encourage children to learn financial responsibility, all without diminishing one’s “nest egg.” But there are risks to consider. This article explains how an intrafamily loan should work and what to watch out for.

When is a loss actually a gain? When that loss becomes an opportunity to lower tax liability, of course. This article discusses the tried-and-true strategy of using capital losses to counter the potentially costly impact of capital gains.

Smart timing of deductible expenses can reduce tax liability, and poor timing can unnecessarily increase it. One deductible expense that taxpayers may be able to control is their property tax payments. This article examines the prospect of prepaying property taxes that relate to this year so they’re deductible on one’s 2018 taxes.

Many businesses find themselves short-staffed from Thanksgiving through December 31 as employees use, rather than lose, their remaining paid time off (PTO). One way to curtail this dilemma is a PTO contribution arrangement, whereby unused vacation hours are converted to retirement plan contributions. This brief article describes how such an arrangement might work.