With conference calls and Web meetings increasingly prevalent, business travel isn’t what it used to be. But many companies still send employees out on the road. This article describes important concepts related to travel, such as travel expenses as a fringe benefit, establishing an accountable plan and qualifying for business travel status.

Many people might not start thinking about filing a tax return until close to this year’s April 17 deadline. But there’s another date to keep in mind: the day the IRS begins accepting 2017 returns in 2018. As this article explains, filing as close to this date as possible could protect a taxpayer from identity theft.

Keeping up with the complexity of the Internal Revenue Code is challenging enough for employed individuals. But for owner-employees, the difficulty level is particularly high. This article explains how your business structure determines the rules you must abide by.

Every year, a substantial percentage of weddings aren’t first-time nuptials but second (or subsequent) marriages. This brief article offers four tips to help such partners better manage the situation.

This calendar notes important tax deadlines for the first quarter of 2018.