During the pandemic, many families have hired household workers. For any household worker who isn’t an independent contractor, “nanny tax” obligations may apply. This article explores the details of withholding, reporting and paying a household worker. A sidebar looks at the federal unemployment tax

Like most business owners, you’ve probably heard about 100% bonus depreciation. It’s available for a wide range of qualifying asset purchases. But there are many important details to keep straight. This article presents five key points about this powerful tax-saving tool.

Many banks conduct regular “stress” tests to predict the impact of adverse external events. Essentially, stress testing is the ultimate “what if” analysis. This article discusses how investors can perform stress tests on their portfolios to assess and mitigate risk.

Divorce is a difficult process for almost everyone. That’s why being clear and organized can help facilitate the process. This brief article discusses how the first step is generally to compile a marital balance sheet and what that involves.