Business owners want to compensate themselves and their top executives fairly and competitively for their work, results and commitment. But how can they do so without attracting undue IRS scrutiny and claims of inappropriate compensation? This article explains some important factors to consider for both C corporations and flow-through entities.

As the world battles coronavirus (COVID-19), companies aren’t doing much “wining and dining” of customers, prospects, vendors or employees. But someday you will again. With a hopeful eye on the future, this article reviews the rules.

Americans who are 65 and older qualify for basic Medicare insurance, but they may need to pay additional premiums to get the level of coverage they desire. The premiums can be expensive, especially for married couples who must pay separately for each spouse. As this article explains, however, the premiums might help lower your tax bill.

This brief article recaps some key provisions of the first wave of federal COVID-19 relief legislation.

Estate planning isn’t just about what happens to one’s assets after death. It’s also about protecting oneself and one’s family during life. This article discusses two estate planning documents that are essential for everyone: a living will and a health care power of attorney.