As investing in Bitcoin, Dogecoin and other cryptocurrencies becomes more popular, investors need to understand the potential tax ramifications. Unlike traditional currency, the IRS views cryptocurrency as property. This article explores the impact on capital gains and losses as well as defines key terms such as “hard forks” and “air drops.”

Family businesses make up a huge percentage of companies in the United States and produce much of the country’s gross domestic product. However, for various reasons, they may also potentially face higher fraud risk. This article discusses why, and how family business owners can reduce their risk.

If your child has been awarded a scholarship for college or another type of school, it’s certainly cause for celebration. But parents need to be aware of the potential tax implications. This article explains whether or not scholarships are taxable.

In any given year, a partner in a business may be taxed on more partnership income than he or she received in distributions. As this brief article explains, this quirk of taxation lies in the way partnerships and partners are taxed.

This calendar notes important tax deadlines for the third quarter of 2021.