Running a business requires that strong, supportable records be kept. Every expense that appears on a tax return might have to be defended if the IRS decides to audit the return. And failing to operate in a businesslike manner and keep good records might lead the IRS to deem the activity a hobby rather than a business. This means expenses may be limited or disallowed. This article and a sidebar illustrate how the IRS (and sometimes the courts) view business records, what they’re looking for and what’s considered acceptable substantiation.

Working from home has become the norm for many people in recent years. Now they might be wondering if they can claim the home office deduction for 2022. The short answer is: Only those who are self-employed can claim it. This article delves deeper into the rules involved.

Many people might think about moving to another state. However, it’s important to consider the tax ramifications before doing so. This article urges readers to identify all applicable taxes in a destination state ahead of time and recommends learning what the legal requirements are for establishing domicile.

It’s common for many people to start the year intending to get out of debt, yet end the year owing just as much, if not more. This brief article explores a debt-reduction approach called “throwing snowballs,” which involves organizing debts from lowest to highest balance and knocking them down one by one.