Trusts can help affluent individuals and families manage, protect and grow their wealth. But there are a wide variety to choose from, so it’s important to understand the basic concepts behind trusts before choosing one. This article defines trusts and provides an example of how one popular trust type works. A sidebar looks at another example: intentionally defective grantor trusts.

Most people feel a sense of relief after filing their tax returns. But even if you’ve successfully filed your 2020 return with the IRS, there may still be some issues to bear in mind. This article discusses three considerations: checking on a refund, filing an amended return and retaining records.

With the economy expected to improve in the months or quarters ahead, many business owners and entrepreneurs may decide to launch new enterprises. This article discusses the general rules and applicable expenses related to the tax treatment of start-ups.

Stock market swings may bring both fortune and fear, so investors shouldn’t forget about the helpful balance of bonds. This brief article discusses several popular options, including U.S. government savings bonds and corporate bonds.