Babies bring joy and excitement. They also bring substantial adjustments to the family budget! This article discusses a couple of ways to pacify the challenge: checking insurance and reviewing tax breaks. A sidebar advises starting a college fund as early as possible.

Taxpayers who are gig workers or otherwise self-employed likely must make estimated tax payments to the IRS every quarter. This article notifies readers of an upcoming payment deadline, explores the details of estimated tax payments, and looks at a method that may help people whose income isn’t earned uniformly throughout the year.

For hard-to-value assets, such as closely held businesses, real estate and art, a professional appraisal may be necessary. This article explores situations that call for an appraisal, including retirement and estate planning, gift disclosures and charitable donations.

Since the introduction of the qualified business income (QBI) deduction, many business owners have been left wondering whether they qualify for it. This brief article explains who’s eligible and how businesses may take action at year end to qualify.