Many Americans receive disability income, and the question is often asked: Is it taxable? The short answer is: That depends on who paid for it. This article details how and when taxes may apply. A sidebar discusses how much disability coverage an individual may need.

This brief article highlights how businesses may be able to secure bad debt deductions. This tax treatment isn’t automatic. A business must be able to show that the debt in question is worthless. The article explains the ins and outs of claiming a business bad debt for 2023.

Taxpayers who have IRAs and Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) can transfer funds directly from their IRAs to their HSAs, under certain conditions. This is a once-in-a-lifetime transfer, without penalties or taxes, intended to help taxpayers who are hit with high medical bills that exceed the balance in their HSAs.

For charitable donations of cash and property to be deductible, they must meet certain IRS criteria. This short article discusses some of the basic rules and explains how to determine if the charity is a qualified charitable organization.