Businesses with employees headed for retirement can provide a helpful service by educating these workers on rules regarding required minimum distributions (RMDs). If violated, these rules could trigger hefty penalties. This article explains RMD requirements for IRAs and 401(k)s. A sidebar looks at other RMD issues, such as beneficiary spouses and form of distribution.

The most effective way to protect assets from future creditors is to transfer them to children or other family members with no strings attached. But, understandably, many wealthier individuals want to retain some control over their wealth. This article looks at one potential option of doing so: creating a domestic asset protection trust.

Given the astronomical cost of college, even well-off parents should consider applying for financial aid. A single misstep, however, can harm a child’s eligibility. This article looks at five common mistakes.

Many people decide to make donations at the end of the year. When doing so, it’s important to know the rules about whether such contributions will be considered tax deductible for 2017. This brief article discusses two important concepts: delivery dates and qualified charities.