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Right now, taxpayers may be more concerned about their 2022 tax bills than about how to handle their personal finances in the new year. However, as they deal with their annual tax filing, it’s a good idea to also familiarize themselves with pertinent tax-related amounts that may have changed in 2023. This article poses six key questions about such amounts, including those related to retirement planning and the itemized deduction.

Many perpetrators of investment fraud know how to push the right psychological buttons to entice their “marks” to buy worthless or nonexistent securities. Would-be investors can mitigate the risks by asking a few questions, performing some research and consulting with trusted advisors.

Generally, the term “leakage” has negative connotations. So, it’s not surprising that the same is true in the context of retirement planning, where leakage refers to pre-retirement early withdrawals from a retirement account. A business owner who sponsors a qualified retirement plan might say, “Well, that’s my participants’ business, not mine.” But there are valid reasons to address the issue with employees participating in a company’s plan.

The IRS generally begins accepting the previous year’s individual tax returns in late January. So, it’s time for taxpayers to start thinking about getting their tax returns prepared. Here are quick tips taxpayers can use to speed tax processing and avoid hassles.

This calendar notes important tax deadlines for the first quarter of 2023.

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