Because of the current estate tax exemption amount ($11.7 million in 2021), many estates no longer need to be concerned with federal estate tax. As a result, more energy can be devoted to other aspects of estate planning. This article looks at important issues to still consider.

Every business needs a website, but it’s not always easy to determine which costs of running one are deductible. Fortunately, there are guidelines and even IRS guidance to follow. This article discusses both the hardware and software costs associated with a website.

Electric vehicles (EVs) are increasing in popularity all the time, and more of them are qualifying for a federal tax credit. For example, the IRS added three more eligible models in July. This article discusses the definition of EVs for tax purposes as well as other important points about the credit.

Every adult has a variety of critical documents that should be protected. This brief article discusses the importance of having a dependable safe or bank safe deposit box in which to store key documents and even cash in case of a major disaster.