The IRS recently announced it intends to hire thousands of new employees as part of a tax-enforcement push, which could mean an uptick in audits sometime soon. The best way to survive an IRS audit is to prepare for one in advance. This article discusses what might trigger an audit, how taxpayers are likely be contacted and who can help.

Individual taxpayers may be able to claim medical expense deductions on their tax returns. However, the rules can be challenging, and it can be difficult to qualify. This article offers up five points to keep in mind about the deductibility of medical expenses.

Receiving a sudden and sizable influx of cash may seem like a dream come true. It can be, but many people get blown away by a windfall and end up in worse financial shape. This article suggests some common-sense tips on creating a sensible, long-term plan.

Business owners sometimes decide to put their companies on the market. When doing so, they may focus on the federal tax implications of a sale. But there will be state tax implications, too. This brief article touches on some key issues regarding state taxes.

This calendar notes important tax deadlines for the fourth quarter of 2021.