For many people, December 31 means a New Year’s celebration. However, from a tax perspective, it means thinking about which filing status a taxpayer will use for that year’s tax return. This article reviews the five statuses. A sidebar looks at whether a married person can file as “head of household.”

Nonqualified deferred compensation (NQDC) plans allow participants to set aside large amounts of tax-deferred compensation, but they may also pose substantial risks. This article distinguishes NQDC plans from qualified defined contribution plans and discusses the pluses and minuses.

Because of the economic impact of inflation, many companies may need to conserve cash and not buy much equipment this year. As a result, the business may not be able to claim as many depreciation tax deductions as in the past. However, if the company owns real property, there may be another approach to depreciation to consider: a cost segregation study.

Estate planning isn’t just about what happens to a person’s assets after death. It’s also about protecting one’s family during his or her lifetime. This article discusses two estate planning documents that are essential for everyone: a living will and a health care power of attorney.